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Dog2.gif (125813 bytes) We would like to feature your pet using The Itchy Spot.  Order Itchy Spot then send us a photo of your pet using it and we will put it here in the Itchy Spot Hall of Fame! Send your email address and we will email you to let you know your pet is an online star.

We will try to feature every photo.  We will switch photos on this site so send your email address so we can notify you when your picture is featured so you can tell your friends they can see your pet online.  Please remember this is a family site so we reserve the right to feature only family oriented pictures.


Dawn Schutz
400 S. Seneca Blvd

Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Email : Itchy Spot Email

Made in the USA of non toxic nylon.

The Itchy Spot Scratcher is a trademark of Dawn Schutz
 Patent: D428,219 All rights reserved.

Charlie Brown...another satisfied customer!
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